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ILIAD - Instrumentation, Loading, Integration, Analysis and Display (Toolset)

The ILIAD product suite is a full service toolset maintained by EMC. ILIAD is designed to give you the tools you need to manage, program, verify and analyze instrumentation test data.

The ILIAD toolset contains the tools to:

  • Generate and load instrumentation system program files for L-3, Teletronics and SCI instrumentation systems.

  • Display real-time test data from Acroamatics, Lumistar and SBS decommutation systems.

ILIAD Flight Simulation Display

Allows user to simulate the test from actual flight data. User can display the flight from the pilot's point-of-view or various angles external to the aircraft.  



  • Analyze / troubleshoot problems using preflight tools, AND
  • Validate and process your data using Quick-Look!

ILIAD supports test engineers and technicians with automated tools for programming support, pre-flight data validation, and post-test analysis.

Key Features:

  • Increase productivity for instrumentation development and operations.

  • Improve customer satisfaction  through quality hardware and software configuration control.

  • Obtain a quick return on investment due to low-cost of operations.

  • Automatically programs CAIS compliant instrumentation hardware.

  • Records to and plays IRIG-106 Chapter 10 compliant data files.

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