Eliminate complexity, improve reliability, and reduce Instrumentation and data reduction costs by consolidating your organizations computing resources. Increase productivity for instrumentation development and operations.


Improves customer satisfaction through quality hardware and software configuration control. Easily manage your test resources with powerful, integrated data acquisition tools from a single user interface.


Create a flexible architecture, protect your IT investment, and centralize the management of your consolidated project data. Quick Return On Investment (ROI) due to low cost operating platform.


EMC FTRSEG pioneers Big Data Analytics for Flight Test Data

The power of big data analytics can be jaw-dropping. But there’s a saying; “there’s a human side to big data”. At EMC FTRSEG, that’s where you’ll find a big difference.

EMC FTRSEG approached flight test analysis with a unique, totally customized, non-disruptive, and delivered value that can be measured using Pivotal Greenplum’s massively parallel processing database.

Pivotal Greenplum is an advanced, […]

EMC FTRSEG develops extensive Data Management Study for National Department of Defense Test Ranges

Program Overview

Testing today’s modern, complex, interconnected weapon systems often requires measuring thousands of parameters and generating huge data sets. Multi-range tests are growing in frequency, requiring data to be transferred between ranges, as are joint-Service and joint test and training exercises. Managing the data from these endeavors has become a very important part of the […]