The power of big data analytics can be jaw-dropping. But there’s a saying; “there’s a human side to big data”. At EMC FTRSEG, that’s where you’ll find a big difference.

EMC FTRSEG approached flight test analysis with a unique, totally customized, non-disruptive, and delivered value that can be measured using Pivotal Greenplum’s massively parallel processing database.

Pivotal Greenplum is an advanced, fully featured, open source data warehouse. It provides powerful and rapid analytics on petabyte scale data volumes of engineering unit data. Uniquely geared toward big data analytics, Greenplum is powered by the world’s most advanced cost-based query optimizer delivering high analytical query performance on large data volumes.

EMC FTRSEG integrated the Enterprise Test Data Management System (ETDMS) and Query Builder with the Greenplum applications standards-compliant SQL to support flight test data intelligence and reporting workloads. Greenplum uses out-of-the box, scalable machine learning algorithms to deliver new analytical models and data science insights, including certified support for 3rd party visualization and analytical tools like Tableau, MATLABMinitab, R, Alpine and several others.

Taken together, these technologies result in a highly robust analysis approach specifically designed to address the challenges of big data for flight test. Our massive big data analytics solution can load and analyze several terabytes of engineering unit data per day, a notable improvement compared to earlier efforts. It provides analysis for individual flights as well as an entire flight test program.